Private number plates (otherwise known as personalised number plates, cherished number plates or private registrations) are personalised DVLA registration numbers which have been applied to a vehicle. The new registration numbers added by the owner would replace the default registration plate originally carried by the vehicle.


Are you looking for a number plate? We are the UK's LARGEST number plate dealer, established in 1982 with over 50 million numbers and over a million 

Classic nummerskylt  NUMBER PLATE SKYLTPLATTA TILL VIK STOR MODE. Product code. 4530429. No product description available. Log in and buy.

Private plates

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Department of Finance and Administration. Personalized License Plates. Apply for a personalized license plate for your vehicle.

Buy Current Style Number Plates at cheap prices with more than 55 million private & personalised number plates available from Premier Plates UK You will need an auxiliary plate if a bike rack or mobility device obstructs the view of your rear number plate. Replace lost/stolen or damaged number plates Find out how to replace lost or stolen state, district or seasonal number plates, return a found plate, remake damaged plates, and order replacement optional plates. or private number plates, with significant number-letter combinations, (names, initials, places, words, or phrases) Additionally, suffix number plates, prefix number plates, and Northern Ireland number plates (also called dateless number plates) provide motorists with different car reg identifiers that can make their vehicles stand out. Private plates.

Private plates

The Private Plate Company are market leaders in the source and supply of attractive cherished and private number plates. They have been in business since 1993 and their success is attributed to their in-depth knowledge of the number plate industry, customer service and realistic prices.

registreringsskylt. [2rejistrE:ri@s$yl:t] subst. < registreringsskylt, registreringsskylten, registreringsskyltar > clean looking number plate bracket,Proudly made & designed in Australia, This item eliminates the OEM number plate bracket (2,5kg of weight) at the back of  Number plate lighting. Number plate lighting. 507,00 kr. Artikelnummer: S001-104. Number plate lighting.

Private plates

It is made of ABS(Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)  what you need to do. Pay with your number plate, bizz or bizz for Europe. Use the green lanes (remember to have a BroPas agreement if you want a discount)  This one is --- LARGE - 27cm x 7,5cm, SMALL - 15cm x 4, EXTRA SMALL - 14cm x 3cm, IF YOU WANT A DIFFERENT SIZE, or saying you want,NOVELTY  BOX Phase 2 side number plate.
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Private plates

Slut i lager Front Number Plate. 1 252,65 kr.

Our competitive pricing of private number lates combined with our high quality and personal service has consistently brought repeat business from our satisfied customers - we feel that there can be no better measure of a successful service package than this. Private - Learn about number plates, buy number plates, sell number plates, and see photos of our spotted number plates on our social media pages.
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Private plates

If you own a vehicle in the United States, you're required to register the vehicle with your state's department of motor vehicles (DMV). Here are several ways to obtain your vehicle license plates.

NUMBER PLATE XJ3. NUMBER PLATE  For your personal number plate you can use the letters, numbers and symbols below. (maximum length 10 symbols) A-Z 0-9 € Ø Ä Ü Ö Å Æ Ë + & ? ! .

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